Make-A-Crane featured in Brown Alumni Magazine Annual Holiday Gift Guide

by Meia Geddes

Make-A-Crane was featured in the Brown Alumni Magazine’s Annual Holiday Gift Guide this past Nov/Dec 2016!  Meia began Make-A-Crane thanks to having taken a course on management of nonprofit and industrial organizations at Brown University in her freshman year. Professor Barrett Hazeltine, who has mentored many an entrepreneur at Brown, let Meia write a case study on a fictionalized “May Ah” and her hypothetical business, Make-A-Crane, in liu of a final paper. That fiction turned into reality, of course. Since graduating in 2014, Meia has continued her work as “the crane lady.” Make-A-Crane a.k.a. Meia is very grateful for the recognition.

Spread of Make-A-Crane in the Brown Alumni Magazine November December issue 2016.png