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The Syrian Conflict in 5 Minutes

Check out Animated Press.

No Man’s Land (2001)

What do you get when you stick a Bosnian and a Serb together between the front lines? Plus one Bosnian stuck on a mine? Absurdity and allegory abound in No Man’s Land, set in 1993 during the Bosnian War. Consider watching this very funny and very moving Oscar-winning, debut film from director Danis Tanovic. BTW, it beat Amelie (2001) for the best foreign film Oscar–which is saying something.

Kind and Generous: Natalie Merchant

The Dalai Lama: Peace Through Compassion

Henry David Thoreau

Here is a wonderful 3-part series on Thoreau, a great thinker who lived peacefully, with integrity, and in harmony with nature. He stressed the importance of individual reflection and thought.



World’s Most Powerful Photographs

See this:

Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry. Very inspiring. For artists and thinkers.

Self-described as “a brand for liberal thinking and individualism…”


All You Need Is Love

Dancing Unites!

Different countries, colors, scenery, people…

Coca Cola Captures Happy Moments

Life is more than theft and violence! Ads have an opportunity to be enjoyable experiences!

Give Peace A Chance

Roots and Shoots

Jane Goodall talked about an organization she founded, Roots and Shoots, in her TED Talks presentation.

TED Talks: Ideas Worth Spreading

Everyone needs to know about TED Talks. Great idea in itself. Here is one by Michael Pritchard on his water-cleaning filter. Here is one from the wonderful Jane Goodall, “legendary chimpanzee researcher.”

My take: we are all connected.

So Much More Than a Tasty Meal

Beautiful! Definitely worth watching:

Free Documentary Site

This is a wonderful site! You can watch documentaries ranging the spectrum of possibilities.

Cirkus Columbia

(Based on the novel Cirkus Columbia and directed by Danis Tanović, who also directed and wrote the script for No Man’s Land)

Miss Sarajevo

Maybe There’s A World

Funny but endearing songwriting:

“I have dreamt of a place and time where nobody gets annoyed…”

“…All at once the palace of peace will fill my eyes, how nice…”

Also definitely agree with a commenter who wrote “i think Yusuf Islam is a symbol for peace.”

Peace Train


Where Have All the Flowers Gone

May It Be

World On Fire

Beautiful Day

Oh, Freedom

Where is the Love?