One Lovely Blog Award Nomination

by Meia Geddes

Thanks to Stacie for the One Lovely Blog Award nominations! I have finally gotten it together to write a post of celebration.

The requirements of the Lovely Blog Award are to mention who nominated me and link back to his/her blog, display the award image, reveal 7 things that you may not know about me, nominate 15 blogs for the award and tell them of the nomination (linking their blogs in this post) including a link back to this post.

7 things:

1-I will not kill bugs and other creatures if I can help it.

2-I’m into writing, photography, and journalism (sorry that counts as 3 things).

3-I admire the Buddhist approach to life.

4-I interned at an online news platform this summer,

5-I make a crane in about 1 minute.

6-Reading sources include Ode, The Sun, Google News (individualized of course),  GoLocal, Fast Company, Good Reads, Mother Jones,  NYT, BBC, Tweets, WordPress, etc. (Er, books too.)

7-I’m interested in social entrepreneurship.

15 nominations:

1-Hardly a blog it’s so beautiful:

2-Gorgeous all around, with words and images:

3-An inspired idea:

4-A collection of “all things beautiful” from two architects:

5-This blog has been nominated for everything, it seems!:

6-Some good nature photography:

7-Some solid quotes can be found here:


9-You can never have too many quotes!:

10-The writing is as clear, crisp and engaging as the site’s format:

11-Hoping to see more…

12-Sincerity at its best:

13-Who can resist joyology?:

14-Inspiring quotes!:

15-The title is self-explanatory!: